Mar 9, 2005

For want of a nail

the blog was lost.

No nails, right. And no horses. But you get the idea, right? Trying to give the place one of those, whaddayacallits, 'myffic' qualities.

So what really happened is this--Irrelephant is one of those born tinkerers. I like to mess with the guts of things like webpages and such, and my skill level is not what one would consider Journeyman status or anything, so I know just enough to break things and not know how to put them back together. I'm frankly surprised that with all the tinkering I've done in the past months that I haven't broken it SOONER. But break it I did, last night, trying to add something foolish, I'm sure, and couldn't put Humpty back together again, even with the horses trying their level best. The knights kept bringing chives and frying pans, and I just finally gave up and had an omlette. Third folded, with cheese.

So now we're green, until I can figure out how to get in there and break THAT. Strange new ochre look, same asinine content. Gotta love that!

It ain't easy being green.

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