Mar 28, 2005

The Gawds must be crazy

to keep doing things like this to me.

Either that or they're trying one of those 'test to destruction' things. Either way I'm about ready to move to Cuba. I fully realise that winter, in some states, is a real season. I understand that snow (which I'm told is crystals of frozen water) falls from the sky and makes great, menacing mounds and has to be removed by big trucks with plows. It's a part of my knowledge of the universe that the temperature can, in certain remote places, reach the freezing point of water, and that large bodies of water can, in fact, become frozen solid. I even understand the concept of having to have the foundation of your house rigged so hot water can flow through it, heating the home above because it's very cold outdoors.

All that don't mean I've got to endure it.

We had one nice day here in the last week, while I was at work. Sunshine, birds singing, worms doing whatever worms do, people even dared venture out to their Harley-Davidsons, clean the weasels out of the tailpipes, and I'm sure at least 30% of them got their machines running well enough to go out and ride. And then we got slammed. Again. Cloudy mornings, fog, days of wind storms and yes, even another threat of hail. And rain, and more rain. And some more rain for those folks that only got rain. So this morning the sun comes up, wondering just what the hell the point is, and it's clear. Very few clouds, a promising morning. And 44 degrees outside.

DAMN ELVES! It was 85 day before yesterday! Last week I was riding the big lawn tractor around in a T shirt and shorts and was STILL sweating! I've had this cold for a month now, and am tired of blowing my nose on everything in sight. I'm tired of switching wildly between running the heater, opening all the windows in the house, and running the A/C. The local electric plant must think I'm insane. I'm sure I will be when the bill gets here.

You know, I hear they don't even KNOW what cold is in certain tropical islands, like Australia.

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