Mar 4, 2005

Hey hey hey, goodbye.

The train has jumped the tracks: I start a week from Monday.

No more retail, no more mouth-breathers, no more arseholes thinking that the world (and the store) owe's them the Moon on a silver salver. No more having to work at 6 am to unload trucks. Okay, one more, but that's today, and it'll be over soon. So only one more 'stagger up at 4:30 am' morning, and I'm already working my way thru that.

I was lucky as a young irrelephant that I never had to work the hell that is fast food. I guess I had payback for that by having to work the hell that is retail. Now? An office job. White collar all the way, no sweating, no lifting, the hardest part of the day is going to be a six-line telephone, so I might get a sore finger.

All I have to say is "It's about damned time." *lol*

Roight. I have a freezing ride to make, and a truck to unload. For the last time.


renegade said...

Just don't forget and answer the phone, "Nero Wolfe's office, Archie Goodwin speaking."

Irrelephant said...

Only when you call, dear sys, only when you call. *grin*