Mar 23, 2005

Icon Nature

If you're reading both my blogs, this is gonna either really hack you off or it's gonna make you laugh because you're one of those people who like the idea of a play-within-a-play sort of thing, like Shakespeare did with Hamlet and "The Murder Of King Gonzago," where the murdering king in Shakespeare's play watched a play. I love that sort of mind-game, and I know it's been done, but I'm doing it again, rather poorly!

This is the post that I just logged at Dada Rook dot blogspot dot com, which is the blog I use (occasionally) for posting surreal things or artsy-fartsy stuff that got me giggling and working on.

(the Dada Rook post)

Okay--this is mostly just an email I sent to the editor of Dada Yow!, since he's the originator of the idea of me heading up a Dada-esque ezine. Read the email, follow the link, tell me what you think of the look. This is as much about you as it is about me, so get your arse involved!

(the email--3-23-05 evening)

Roight! I go like one of those wind-up cars--speeding senselessly, then crash and it's all over, and then go again. Such seems my curse, but I wanted to see what you thought about this--my ideas for what we used to call "Cornucopia" which I have taken to calling "Dada Body," and in lieu of anything more creative I guess it's going to REMAIN "Dada Body." I stuck the name on there as a working title, as I mentioned in this morning's email, and it STUCK. Anyhoo, this is what I tossed off between early this morning (tired) and this evening (fucking exhausted.) The links are active, and the front page is just as it would appear if I had a wealthy investor and could buy a site and hosting, or as soon as you give me the thumbs-up and can send me the link and the password to the site at Tripod you had reserved for it and I can upload it all.

Dada Body temporary live site.

I know it's rather a departure from the usual, or at least it is for me; I haven't done any serious web design at all in quite a few years now, but I rather like it--I'm going to take the ezine in a hard, fast direction, thus the total lack of colour, flashing bits, or anything that might make the blow fall anywhere but full on the nose of the reader. I want the web page to be as minimal a distraction as I can make it, hence the iconic style and the easily recognised public domain medical pictures for the front page.

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