Mar 18, 2005

I've been bad*

You're gonna spank me, and I'm not gonna like it.

And before you guys get your hopes all worked into a froth, it's because of the way I write. I looked back on the last post, and the past few posts, and I realise that in the interest of speed and expediency and other words meaning "fast" I sometimes skate over parts of the story that you might NEED, since you don't know me personally in some instances, and that's harsh. I'm robbing you of important information here, and since I write in this very stream-of-conciousness way, or maybe this literary-diarreah sort of manner I tend to overlook things like spelling errors, or speed-typing problems, or links that don't quiiiiite work.

That was last night. The free woodworking link wasn't working freely because I had left the all important "http://" bit out. Uhm...okay Blogger Guys, everyone knows it's gonna start that way. I can open IE and type in big blocks of words and it knows I'm looking for a website that involves big breasted Oriental nuns in leather, so why can't you figure out that if I stick a tag in YOUR provided link box that says "www.somethingornother daht com" that I intend it to be "http?"

*gritting teeth*

Wow, did I manage to turn that small thing about my inability to tag HTML properly into someone else's fault? Outstanding!

I don't know if I should further press my luck or if I should just leave it at that. I think that in the interest of speed (there's that word again) I'll leave it, as the wee child is gonna need brekkie and some companionship whilst she waits for the NASCAR busdriver to come slaloming up to the driveway.

And if anyone asks, I'm the one that has Blue Jeans and T-shirt Friday every Friday at work. Yeah, boy!

*Due to circumstances beyond my control, such as Blogger going tits up, this post never made it to the blog until this evening. The time stamp is correct, the host isn't.

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