Mar 17, 2005

Plague Dog

Or at least, plague pachyderm.

Yup, we've got The Plague, whatever variant of the flu is going around right now. What really gripes me is that it's not really SICK, it's just icky. I guess I brought it home, sneezing and running snot, one day of a mild fever that I worked through since I didn't really realise I had anything until I got home and felt how bad I really felt, then it was gone, and I'm now in my second week of lost voice and scratchy throat and sinuses that I want to take a roto-rooter to. I'm tired of sniffling and snorting and trying to swallow in a throat that has Lawrence of Arabia and his camels in it.

And now the wife has it. My poor dear wife, who already comes standard with sinus problems now has a sinus infection sort of flu thing. Red eyes, bleary expression, and two weeks of snot problems to look forward to. And of course the weather isn't helping--cold and wet, with a promise of cold and wet. Next week, cold and wet. Okay winter, it's time to give it up, you've lost. The dafodoils are blooming, my roses are growing blood-red new leaves, and yes you can come back in about 10 months, but for now, fuck off. Please.

Me, I'm gonna have to start getting up earlier in the morning. LEAP testing is almost over, so I can cut back on making the seven-course brekkies for the child pretty shortly here, but I still don't have quiiiite enough time in the mornings to accomplish things. So, I guess it's time to set the alarm clock back half an hour and suck it up. *shiver*

And don't forget, it's Saint Patrick's day, the day that all good Irish people celebrate the birth and life of the guy who invented Guinness Beer, which I am told you can get a better one anywhere but where you are, and even when you're in Ireland and squatting in a foetid little pub on the moors and order a Guinness you still get one that's not quite as good as the ones they have across the bog and under the peat. Or so I'm told. Far as I can tell, Guinness tastes like all other beers do--horse pizzle.

So, in the spirit of the season--Kiss me, I'm Scottish/American Indian/French!

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