Mar 10, 2005

So long, farewell

and I don't know how to spell goodbye in German, but you know how the song goes.

I'm spending my morning here closing doors.

8 hours left in my day, when 6pm CST comes it'll all be over and I'll have my final shout. Over 4 1/2 years I've spent here, investing a hell of a lot of my time and stomach lining. It's always strange, for me, to leave a place that while familiar has also become repulsive. It'd be easier if I could just make a clean cut, but I have never been able to do that, not truly. So, I've got a few goodbyes to make, too, before it's all over. And people whose faces I once saw most every day will soon become complete strangers whom I wil pass in public places, that spark of recognition will pass between us, we might even exchange a few words, but their names and deeds will be long lost in the dust of the road behind me.

More blogging from My Last Day later.

* this was saved this morning from work, since the firewalls and such on the network wouldn't let me post them out, so I had to print them out there. Will be typing them in with rough estimates of the time I was doing them. Enjoy.

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