Mar 26, 2005

Spring picture bonanza!

Yes that's right, we're blowing the doors down with pictures of flowers!

And other Springtime stuff, because I had the camera out this morning and wanted to see how close I could focus on some of these blooming idiots out here. See, the Mother person loves alazeas, and has covered most of the yard in them. They're hell to get started, but once they get settled in they really grow, and age just improves them. Let me tell you, these have had some years to get settled in.

So, most of these are relentless character studies of three or four colours of azalea, with some other spring-ish stuff tossed in. For me one of the great joys of owning a digital camera (and likely the ONLY joy of one) is that I can take hundreds and hundreds of pics and toss most of them away, because they're out of focus, or confusing looking, or whatever, and not be out anything. To me this is a sloppy way to do things, but it sure beats the cost of film for what I consider, for the most part, to be throw-away pictures, or pictures that don't have all that much importance.

So, my diatribe aside, here's the pics.

I don't know what these little lilac coloured buggers are, but they're awfully pretty, and tiny, and scattered all over the outside edges of the flowerbeds, so here you go.

Every garndener and lawn owner knows this little yellow bastard, but still and all they're beautiful little things up close.

This is why we all hate them, and why my father ground his teeth together every time I picked one and blew it in a strong wind across the yard. Sorry, Daddy.

I don't know what species this pink one is, but it reminds me a lot of those tropical lilies.

How about the same, only a little redder.

And a pair a little pinker.

And one last lovely pair.

Every time I see this particularly red specimen I think of Young Frankenstein and want to shout "Damn your eyes!"

I love the white ones. I swear it looks like they're covered in snow when the whole bush is covered in these massive white buggers, and the old ones fall off in the wind and cover the ground.

Okay, had enough? Maybe in a couple of days I can catch one of the Red Wing Blackbirds or a Cardinal on the feeder and do a relentless character study of him or her. Can't wait, can ya?

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Vulgar Wizard said...

Pretty pictures!
I love spider lillies . . . can't find any in the yard yet.