Mar 7, 2005 this thing on? *tap tap*

I had this intro that was going to be absolutely knackers, and then quite forgot it.

See, I tend to compose these things in my head before writing, or at least I get a basic idea of how I want to start things off, and where in general I intend to go, and where I end is always when I run out of words or real life interrupts, and this morning was no exception, but I got to reading about George A. Romero's NEXT zombie movie, "Land Of The Dead," and I got all sidetracked and disgustipated and etc, so now I've lost where exactly I was in the time-space thingie, and misplaced the folder that had my intro in it. Or maybe I left it in my other trunk. No matter. Adapt, improvise, overcome.

My cousin just opened her blog across the way, at Tinpot Napoleon and I have to point out something that I found rather interesting, and a comment on society as a whole. Most people, understandably, start a blog without a whole lot to say, or they've just spent an hour or so tweaking design and HTMLing to their little heart's despair, and when they finally get domains and passwords and colours all set up, they find they're so tired they don't want to mess with the fury and energy that blogging sometimes requires. So what is to be done? Nothing? NO. You've got to make sure the site works, so you post what is the literary equivalent of clearing your throat into the microphone:

"This is my first post."

or "Hello, I've just started, check back later."

or my personal favourite

"test test test"

Don't get me wrong, the only reason my first post isn't that way was that I had about seventeen posts already lined up to blast onto the cyberways, but that's because I'm a keyboard expulsive kinda guy. I'm not faulting people for it, it's the automatic reaction. What gets me is that when my cousin went online with her first post, it wasn't what you would have expected. No electronic throat-clearing, no cyber version of fumbling in your jacket for your notecards, no bashful shuffling of feet and sniffling of nose before launching into it. No, it's a block of faux-Latin text, a veritable fillibuster of an opening statement. I think it's been cut-and-pasted, I recognise the first words "lorem ipsum dolor" as being the beginning of a 'space filler' sort of paragraph, when people want to represent text but don't want to go to the trouble of having REAL words there, so they use this block of pidgin, but still, to go through the process of finding this stuff and using it for a first post, rather than the ubiquitous "Hello, check back" line is such a refreshing change. Which she did, which makes me applaud her.

See, she's a bit like me, in that given two paths, the main road and then the road less traveled, she is going to see if she can fly over there instead. I'm certain she's always had to deal with that 'black-sheep' feeling, because she's bright, very well-read, and not particularly mainstream, and I know this family far too well to think that she's ever fit in like a puzzle piece. *lol* Kindred spirit sort of a thing.

So anyway, it's nice to see her stretching her blog legs. Welcome, dear!

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