Mar 12, 2005

You know you want it

You just don't know how to ask. Am I right, or am I just misleading myself yet again?

100 Things About Irrelephant

  1. I was born the son of a carpenter and a bookkeeper
  2. I love far too easily
  3. Books are my public passion
  4. I still wonder if fish feel pain when I set the hook
  5. I'm not private enough for my liking
  6. I still love cartoons, and laugh at them out loud
  7. I have very few real friends, but I hold them very close
  8. Often I wish I were more patient with myself
  9. I am my own worst critic
  10. I love airplanes, but dislike flying
  11. I take secret pleasure in a well-kept yard and an orderly house
  12. I wish Daddy could see me now
  13. I think roses are the most wonderous flower
  14. I've always admired people who can distance themselves from emotion
  15. Motorcycles make me feel powerful
  16. Smoking a pipe makes me feel reflective and calm
  17. I'm still terrified of drowning
  18. I am enthralled by old things
  19. I'd rather do most things the old fashioned way
  20. My mother is overbearing, and it infuriates me
  21. I seem to attract the crazies and the damaged
  22. The sound of rain on the roof is music
  23. I live for the wide open spaces
  24. I would give anything to live by the Pacific Ocean
  25. I am a creature of diametric opposites
  26. I am a creature of habit
  27. I am a creature who craves physical pleasure
  28. I see myself as nothing more than an animal on it's hind legs
  29. I have been called the only Liberal Machiavellian. This pleases me
  30. My friends are always the ones that hurt me the deepest
  31. I can't seem to prevent this, either
  32. I don't know that I'd change it if I could
  33. I utterly love playing AD&D, but the time requirements make it near impossible
  34. I like knowing that people I know read this blog
  35. I always worry that I will say something that is too far over the line
  36. I like walking across the line, but not too far
  37. My temper has always frightened me
  38. I have never struck a woman in anger
  39. I came terribly close once, and it scared me more than anything ever has
  40. I have never been in a serious physical fight
  41. I give too easily
  42. I'm a sucker for a pun
  43. Complete facility of the language is one of my goals
  44. I talk too fast and to quietly, as does my daughter
  45. I believe religion is a crutch and a hamper to free will
  46. I don't believe there is a god or any higher power
  47. If there has to be a god, (s)he is in the details
  48. Animals and creating make life worth living
  49. I can still program in BASIC
  50. I hope I can accept my death with grace and dignity
  51. I am terrified that I will die like my father
  52. I long to be Enlightened
  53. Zen koans make me smile in my spirit
  54. Sushi was one of my biggest life-changing discoveries
  55. I don't want to live a life in pain
  56. I once thought I could have an open marriage and make it work
  57. I have sometimes frightened myself with my strength of will
  58. I have also been let down by my lack of same
  59. Things outside of me affect me too easily
  60. I don't know how to distance myself from events
  61. Women have always fascinated me
  62. Little is as profound as a huge old tree
  63. I wish I knew better all that I know now
  64. I'm a terrible liar
  65. The little things in life make me really smile
  66. I don't laugh enough any more
  67. I often take sex far too seriously
  68. I am far too attached to physical things
  69. I let women have far too much control over me
  70. Ravens are the most interesting birds there are
  71. Elephants seem to carry such wisdom behind their eyes
  72. It pains me that something as beautiful as a jellyfish doesn't know it's that beautiful
  73. The same goes for butterflies
  74. And owls
  75. I wonder if self-awareness is a curse
  76. I hate that I cannot help more
  77. I often think that my talents are not quite good enough to really matter
  78. I crave acceptance
  79. That bothers me
  80. I love the smell of vanilla, and tobacco
  81. The smell of fresh cut grass is bright green
  82. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata makes me want to cry every time I hear it
  83. So does Amazing Grace; it seems to taunt me with something that I have rejected utterly
  84. I cry often
  85. I'm okay with that. Better out than in
  86. I think sometimes people I hold as important think less of me for that
  87. I think too much of other people's opinions of me
  88. I wish I had my father's gift for growing anything
  89. I wish I could know that he is proud of me
  90. I wish I had known my grandfather better, and my father
  91. I know that death does not care, but I do
  92. Nostalgia reigns supreme in my life
  93. I know I need to live in the present, but I fear for what the future holds
  94. I want more for my daughter, but she's growing up just like me
  95. I'm proud that writing comes easily to me
  96. I'm ashamed that my handwriting is completely illegible
  97. I love wearing hats: ivy caps, fedoras, top hats, that sort. No meshbacks
  98. I rarely play video games, as they bore me pretty fast
  99. I admire and fear the power of my own mind
  100. This was a lot harder than I thought

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