Apr 16, 2005

Bits and Chunks

Sometimes there just isn't enough to go around.

If you've read for at least two posts, you find that I get rather wordy when I post. The problem is that I'm a storyteller, and one of my pet peeves is a story that's all abrupt or is just a skeleton. When you've got an audience that has a good imagination, it just makes things better when you can put flesh on that skeleton of a story, give them enough to chew on and add their own spin to it. Nobody can work with just the facts, unless you're Nero Wolfe or maybe John Steed.

So, I embellish. I add, I flesh out, I make the stories big and full and detailed. That's also why sometimes I get ideas for things I want to say but can't, because there's just no way to make a story out of "Damn, I've got to spend three hours today cutting grass." Granted, there's always the route of telling you all about the ins and outs of cutting my yard, but that's not exactly riveting.

Then there's the flowers in the yard and the pic of the moment. I try and change it fairly often, but so far it's been 1 plant and about six flowers. There actually IS a reason behind that--two reasons, actually. One is that all my picture CDs are scattered hither and yon, and are difficult to locate, so I can't post any older, non-flower pictures for you guys. The second problem (which is not so much of a problem) is that my entire yard is in bloom, and there's such a wondrous diversity out here that they're just too good an opportunity to pass up, as well as being very seasonal.

Now I could go into developing how my mother, who planted this yard over the past 30 years was not exactly a garden planner and how, design-wise, the flowerbeds stink on ice, but I won't, because that would only interest horticulturists and me, whose yard it is, and maybe the guys over at HGTV (the "Home Porn" channel) so I won't go into that. Mom did a wonderful job of putting a variety out here, but she never grasped the idea of symmetry.

I could even make a whole post (probably) about my efforts to change that design, but THAT'S even too boring for me. *lol* Don't get me wrong, I'm going to do it, but it's going to take years and a lot of painstaking effort, not to mention blood sweat and broken bones, and it won't make a very interesting post.

The cats are always a favourite subject with my wife, and maybe one or two others of you out there who are cat people, but there's only so much you can post about a cat, when you post about them every few days anyway.

Fog is nice, but will not a post make.

My cold? No, everyone's got their own and, like me, don't want an entire Irrelephant-length post about green snot. Trust me on this one.

Woodworking? I've been pretty busy out there, doing some interesting things, but again, this isn't the DIY network, and the nuts and bolts of me saving money by building knick-knack shelves out of scrap pieces of pine lumber will only interest Norm Abrams, who is not likely to be reading my blog now or later. I will, however, be saving a lot of money on wedding and holiday presents. *lol*

So you see, there's always these little things in my head that want to be posted but bravely I stand as Gabriel at the Gate, guarding you gentle souls from the horrors of me posting for paragraph after endless paragraph about my table saw, my plans for trying to dig up 30 year old azalea bushes, or my boogies.

Your audible sighs of relief are thanks enough.

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Anonymous said...

Wordy? Maybe. It doesn't matter if the subject is cats, gardening, doing laundry or reminiscing about your childhood... there's magic in the way you string those words together. As for myself, that's why I tune in.