Apr 17, 2005

Just a quickie

Because I'm easy like Sunday morning.

In the world of the internet, there is a piece of real estate for literally anyone, just for the asking. Well, my youngest cat asked, and has received. He's Blogging now. I'll tell you this--he's got quite a unique voice, and you just THOUGHT I had a different perspective on Life.

On the Sunday morning side, I've already been up bright and surly (7 am, yeah boy!) and been out to the yard. I figured that if I was going to dig up some patio stones that were covered in fire ants, the best time to minimise damage to myself and to prevent my being bitten into submission and dragged down into the underground Empire of The Fire Ants was to get out there and give them holy hell before it got warm and they got active. So, 7:10, teeth brushed and raring to go, I went. Got all ten stones dug up and only scored a few bites for my troubles, which is saying a hell of a lot if you compared the ten or twelve bites an hour I usually get while cutting grass on the lawn tractor and NEVER TOUCHING THE GROUND. These little f**kers are bad, let me tell you.

So anyway, I took a friend's casual comment yesterday about the huge pieces of petrified wood my father left behind and worked them into the design of the rose garden, and laid out the rescued octagonal stepping stones to make a few sort of wandering paths through the albeit small garden. Once I get everything covered good in cypress mulch I'll have to take a picture for you guys. Right now, though, it's just a rough draft, so no picture for you yet.

Breakfast is about ready, so it's time for me to fly. Today is another bright day, full of the promise of working all day in the yard. Yesterday saw a good number of projects finished, worked on, and even completed, so today should be just as good, I would think. And if you're in the LA area, I suggest you get outside today at some point and enjoy the beautiful weather, before Summer gets here Wednesday.

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