Apr 16, 2005

A rose by any other name

Shakespeare said it best.

I'm really enjoying this rose (the photo of the moment one.) The bush out there is covered in buds, as all the bushes across the yard are, but this particular one has been in the ground for many a long year, and that scarlet undertone on the buds has always caught my eye. It's not a King Midas, they don't have any red in them, and unfortunately the tag is gone, so I don't know exactly what breed it is, but it's a monster. Right now she has canes that are already a good 6' tall, and this season, under some careful pruning and weeding, she has really taken off. As the flowers arrive I'll start pruning back some more, with the intention of making her a lot bushy than she is now, but leggy ladies are pretty too, right?

Yesterday's pic of the day was a bud, taken about 8:30 at night, hence the black background. Today's pic is the same bud, taken almost exactly 24 hours later. Tomorrow's pic and etc. will change until it's in it's full glory, which will be a floribunda opened a good 5 to 6" across, and very pale yellow. What a beauty. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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