Apr 12, 2005

Stop the world, I want off

So, the Pope was alien?

Sometimes I amuse myself (easily amused I am) by surfing the "Next Blog" button on top of my blog until I either get sick of the big-eyed anime children or the foreign language blogs or the advertisements disguised as blogs, and most especially the political blogs. I wonder how anyone ever gets anything accomplished with all the froo-froo going on out here. The internet being the Information Superhighway? It's a damned shame the scenery is covered in billboards, grafitti and semi-literate teenagers whining about their latest failure in affairs d'amour.

But once in a while, you find someone that wants to tell you that the Pope was an alien. I read a VERY brief bit into the site that linked the above, and for all intents and purposes this guy is fairly mainstream Christian. Where UFOs come in beats the trunk off me.

I guess it's the crazies that really stand out. In a world filled with closet serial murderers who look and dress just like us it's the ones who go out in public wearing pink spandex that catches our attention.

Yes, I'm rambling, I've been fighting a hell of a sinus infection all day, and I feel like thinly hammered dog shit, so forgive my lack of focus. Perhaps tomorrow will be better, for all of us.

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