May 23, 2005

If you've been keeping track

and seems some of you have, you'll notice I haven't posted the swing restoration blog yet.


Seeing as though I was never going to get started on it, I panicked yesterday and in a fit of desperation and WD-40 I took it entirely apart. It's now resting on a 12' trailer that's barely able to contain it, and the Swing Restoration Blog will be launched...sometime soon. *lol* Probably tonite, since I've got to get ready for work.

Yesterday was a day of monumentous doings--me brother and I got the Cheyenne deluxe gauge package dash installed in Rita, and tho it doesn't work (fusebox problems) at least it fits properly, looks beautiful, and has the potential to be utterly marvelous. Baby steps, baby steps. Granted, for each baby step I take forward I seem to take two more backwards, BUT. Stepping I am, and if I walk backward enough perhaps I'll meet myself coming 'round.

The swing was the other project, and that has me the most excited, because it has the most posibility to be completed in under 5 years.

I found out yesterday from my strangely-lucid Uncle J. that the frames are not from a pair of Model T trucks as I originally thought, but from two 1913-1914 model REO* stake-bed trucks, what he called a "113 inch" truck, referring to it's axle-to-axle wheelbase. I'll tell you this--those frame members are each a good 13 foot long, and HEAVY. Solid steel, that. There are bits of Model T in there, too, but I'll get into all that on the swing blog when it's up and posted. Lots of history in that heavy-ass bugger.

And the neatest part of it all? Finally getting it out of a foot of loam and earth and getting them out of the weeds I discovered THIS. The VIN number tag, still braded to the frame member.

Utterly sweet.
* For you children of the 80's, that's not REO as in REO Speedwagon the band but as in REO Speedwagon the firetruck, or at least REO the company--Random Elis Olds, the guy who later went on to spearhead the Oldsmobile marquee. History! Strangely enough, both my brother and my Uncle pronounced 'REO' as a word ("Rio" like Duran Duran, to push the 80's image even further) and not as initials. I prefer the initials sounded as letters - "Aar Eee Ooh." Just me nitpicking. *lol*

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