May 16, 2005

I'm flattered!

I've got my own post on SciFi Daily!

Granted Greg and Bill are dogging me for being a naysayer in the face of the most gigantic release of a sci-fi movie EVER, or so I'm told, but I just can't get worked up over it. I saw Star Wars back in the day at a place called The Don Theater, a genteel giant that was left over from the movie-palaces of the 50's, and perched there in the balcony in my velvet-covered seat I was astounded, awed, and so forth. I have loved science-fiction for a very VERY long time, loved it well before that day, fell down and frothed when Tron had four, count 'em FOUR MINUTES of nothing but computer animation, and I can't give up on any of it, none of it, but DAMN I think what's got me so down on George Lucas and Co. is that it's being forced down my throat like a pill that I don't want, much less need. That's the same reason I gave up religion.

And oddly enough, I loved all three Matrix movies, even when the third was so roundly bashed that I was afraid to show my face in public, lest someone point at me and shout "He enjoyed it!" and I get lynched and tied to The Grand's marquee.

And yes, I know that Keanu is as wooden as an oak plank, but I liked them.

I can't help it, I'm just not at all enthused about any of the second trilogy of Star Wars, and won't apologise for it. Can't get worked up, can't be bothered. Won't even rent them. I'd much prefer spending the day watching a ton of old 50's black and white sci-fi movies on AMC or TCM, even the really horrible ones. I've always been able to be sucked right into that sort of hokey-but-honest filming, back when Science was Good and the Aliens were Evil and the cops were all Irish and the Army saved us all in the end and the lines were black and white and obvious, and the spaceships were terrible cardboard cutouts or plastic models suspended from fishing line ala Ed Wood.

Ah me. Mr. Lucas, carry on with your grand dream, you're just gonna have to count me out of this round, too. When you do something as good as THX-1138 again I'll be watching, but for now it's just too much.

Bill, Greg, let me know when it's all over?

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