May 17, 2005

Irrelephant has left the building!

That's right Andy, my 15 minutes of fame are over.

My recognition for being a party-pooper on the blog SciFi Daily earned me something over a doubling of my daily traffic here which dropped instantly back to it's old levels the next day. Sweet! *lol*

I was thinking about doing some sort of post about the sound-bite orientation of most of our fellow hooman beans, but I've bitched about that before, and everyone knows it, even if they aren't willing to admit it. So no griping about instant gratification and so forth. I'm willing to admit that I own a cable modem, and couldn't go back to the dark ages of dial-up, much less imagine living without one, so I have NO room to sling monkey poo.

Unfortunately that leaves me with nothing to discuss. *lol* Nothing prepared, that is, and I find myself winging it through yet another post, which is quite the feat when you consider that I'm not exacly that aerodynamic.

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