May 11, 2005

What a teaser

I built you guys up something fierce yesterday, I know, telling you that I can now blog from work, and then never delivered the goods.

The thing that got me is this--we've got the ubiquitous black box somewhere in the system that prevents us from using ANY website except our home page, the few intranet sites we need, and, which is nice, but I can look out the window and see the weather forecast about as accurately as most meteorologists. So yesterday I was fiddling around to see what I could get away with (my favourite pass time at work since 1986) and suddenly realised I was looking at my blog. From another perspective (that of a VGA monitor.) So naturally, the next step was to see if Blogger would come up. It did, I logged in, and the rest is yesterday's post.


So now? Well, now I've got to find a break somewhere during the day to sit in front of a computer (like I don't do THAT every day as it is) and come up with ANOTHER brilliant and completely off-the-wall post to leave here.

And completely off track--what is it with cellular phones? I've got a heavy fog out here, and suddenly my cellular thinks I'm in Mozambique standing under a giraffe, trying to call The States. It's astounding--with Sprint it seems you can get five feet off a major highway and suddenly you're analog roaming. I didn't realise they could actually BEND those signals to make them follow the contour of roads.

Utterly astounding.

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