Jun 22, 2005

Communicate, communicate,

com...oh, fuck off.

I'm a quiet man. Don't get that mixed up with being a "private" man, because I am a somewhat private man, but I am very much a quiet man. I don't talk a lot. My father was a quiet man, and private too, and I took my lessons from him. There's no need to fight, no need to argue most times, and always use your better judgement when it comes time to talk. Use your words carefully and sparingly.

So when someone decides that I have screwed up and wants to communicate with me about my problem, don't talk to me like I'm a three year old, and to begin with you might want to make sure you CAN communicate properly. And don't lie to me. Don't stand there and tell me with a straight face that you "admire my work" and "want to work with me" because we both know better. You're wasting my time and your breath with crap like that. You and I both know that my intention is to replace you. I will learn your job, taught by the proper teachers, and I will take your job and do it better than you.

That is my sole intention right now, and I am focused on it with a terrible and burning intensity.

And I will not communicate that to you. The serpent does not apolgise to the mouse before dinner.

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Vulgar Wizard said...

So, what is it exactly that you did "wrong" that RMB took so much joy in finding and pointing out to you? She can't even spell communicate! Yesterdays phrases and blabberings include the following:
"Thim mouses, well, some of thim mouses work and some of thim's fer replacin' thim's that don't work no more, I 'member when Randall wuz here [years ago when the agency relocated to this office, which makes this whole statement of hers completely irrelevant, as most of them are] an' he had tu fix one of the mouses with parts from th'other'un . . . " (this went on for many minutes until the boss balled them all up in their own cords and tossed them past her $8 K-Mart shoes down the stairs into a pile of feces to be tossed before we relocate the agency in two weeks).
"It just popped in my head on the way to work this mornin', what are we gonna do when we hafta move after the holiday cuz the weekend's longer and the OASIS are gonna be backed up, can't we see about movin' some of them up closer to the beginnin' of the week [uhm, hello, that IS the beginning of the week, jackass] so we don't get behind (i.e. SHE doesn't get behind and get left out of anything that has to do with moving and setting up because she has to have her nose in every aspect of how it's going to be, you know - F you!). . .". Now, keep in mind she just told the director of operations how to direct the agency . . . that was a BAD idea!
Oh, look, I've created a post inside of this comment.