Jun 6, 2005

Louisiana After The Rains

And if you're a Max Ernst fan, you might recognise the play on words. If not, don't sweat it, it's a joke that esoteric even for me, and I know what it means.

The rains came yesterday afternoon. The best part is that they came AFTER I was done cutting grass, clearing the fenceline, and even doing a very small amount of gardening (at some point in the day I'm sure I bent at the waist and pulled a weed out of some bed somewhere.) I was actually in my shop, of all places, when the first rain came. I had to stop and look out the dust window to verify that my ears weren't simply ringing from the table saw's scream, but sure enough there was actual wet water falling from the actual blue sky. Utterly wonderful. Cooled everything off nicely, it really did, and made everything feel fresh again. And it never stopped long enough to make the place turn into a sauna, which was doubly nice.

I even managed to complete a project yesterday, and break another one. I've got this little squiggle of a knick-knack shelf I was playing around with, you see. I saw one in a wholesale catalog and said, as I often do "Hey, I could do that." So I tried it, learned a few valuable lessons on the way, and promised Vulgar Wizard she could have it when I was done, which it's down to the tung oil finish stage now, and yesterday while sanding it I managed to separate part of it from another part. I swear, VW, I'm not shirking, I'm actually just clumsy. So it's gluing back up, and perhaps next weekend it'll be done.

And I need to wrap this up way short of my usual output because I have to go feed the brother's dogs and livestock and insects, and foolishly I also had to have breakfast this morning. So sue me, I was hungry.

More later.

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