Jun 9, 2005

They can't all be winners

I think Lee Iacocca said that after he released the Reliant "K" car on an unsuspecting market.

It's one of THOSE mornings. You know the kind, you've shared enough of them with me here. One of those mornings where nothing is bright and spritely in my head, anxious to get out and live on the glowing phosphor dot screen that is our only link to the world we call The Web. No ground-shaking event occurred yesterday that begs to be posted here, no soul-crushingly bad occurance that drives me to pour out my soul like a big burlap sack of dry oatmeal. See? Even the metaphors aren't working right this morning.

So, when in doubt, steal something, this time from Sci Fi Daily.

1) Who was the mad scientist in the classic Metropolis?
2) What was the name of the pacifist race in The Time Machine?
3) What was the film and TV series that featured the Seaview?
4) Who was the writer, producer and director of Plan 9 from Outer Space?
Edward Wood, Jr, greatest director ever.
5) What was the name of Ripley’s ship in Alien?
6) What was the name of the "robot policeman" in The Day the Earth Stood Still?
7) What was the title of Ming the Merciless on the Planet Mongo?
8) What was the name of the race of creatures created by Saruman in The Lord of the Rings
9) What was the film featuring Raquel Welch in a miniaturized ship traveling through a human body?
10) Who was the ambulatory man eating plants in a 60s sci-fi classic?
11) Who was the author of Make Room! Make Room!, the inspiration for Soylent Green?
12) What's the one-word command to activate the Enterprise transporter?
13) What's the name of the other hero mentioned in the first Spiderman movie?
14) What was Boris Karloff’s character’s original name in The Mummy?
15) Which TV series had Doug and Tony leaping through different historical eras?
16) What was the American International movie that teamed up the Teenage Werewolf and the Teenage Frankenstein?
17) What was Scott McCloud’s heroic name?
18) From what race of creatures does Chewbacca rescues the dismantled C3PO in The Empire Strikes Back?
19) Who was Zira’s lawfully wedded spouse?
20) Peter Jackson’s next film features this classic movie giant. What's his name?
21) Who was the DC Comics muck creature that cavorted with Adrienne Barbeau?

My answers are below, in case you want to see how big a sci-fi geek you are. *S*

Me, I'm surprised there was no Dr. Who questions in there, so I'll add three of my own:

A) For 2 points, what was the name of the Doctor's robotic companion. I know, that's an easy one, so here's a harder one.

B) For seven points, what does the name "TARDIS" stand for? And if you've got that one, here's an even harder one.

C) For twenty points, without looking it up, exactly what words are posted on the door of the TARDIS?

And here's my answers to the geek questions--bonus questions to be answered tomorrow.

1) I can remember the robot, and the effects, but not the scientist.
2) It was something close to "Eroi." Forgive me, Mr. Wells!
3) Yeah, that.
4) Edward Wood, Jr., greatest director ever to wear angora.
5) The Nostromo. "Mother, turn the cooling units back on!"
6) Gort. Klaatu, veradda niktu!
7) Emperor Ming, Lord of the Universe and I'm sure a ton of other high-falutin stuff. *lol*
8) The Urukai
9) Fantastic Voyage...that white body-suit got me through puberty.
10) Triffids!
11) Eh?
12) "Energise." Unless you're Picard, in which case you simply pointed at a handy red-shirted ensign and said "Make it so."
13) "Who do you think you are, Superman?"
14) Mr. Giggles? *lol* I remember it was a palindrome or something very hokey.
15) Time Tunnel?
16) Roger Corman Needs To Be Shot. *lol*
17) Erf? Shazam?
18) Those little brown dudes in the big-ass rusty aquarium. Jawas?
19) Cornelius
20) King Kong
21) Swamp Thing

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