Jul 20, 2005

Free online monitor tweaking

I didn't realise this, but apparently after many long hours of use the inside of a monitor's cathode tube can accrue debris attracted by it's electrical field, making the resolution a little murky and the brightness not so bright anymore. This free online program cleans that particulate matter off for you, from the inside out. It takes a little while to load, but I saw a surprising improvement after it had completed.

Monitor Cleaning Program

It might take a little while to load, but it's worth it.


Sylvain said...

Wait a minute! How does software physically clean your monitor's inside!?!?

Vulgar Wizard said...

I bet it's some kind of joke, and when you click on the link and begin reading the text that appears, all of a sudden some hideous picture flashes across your screen with a blood-curdeling scream of death!!! I'm not clicking the link, somebody else can try it. :)

Irrelephant said...

Noooo, it's not all horrible, it's actually cute. You know me better than to re-hash a very old, very tired joke.

Well, almost never.

Old Grey Mare said...

what's this a little tongue & squeeks--- & Bouncer having a fit because the old gray mare is laughing so hard that she can't catch her breath or neigh. thank you irrelephant for passing this little thing on to others who have a hard time getting inside the monitor to clean it. *S*