Jul 23, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday Raymond Chandler.

Yup, I missed it. If you recall, I mentioned Mr. Chandler a few posts ago, and instead of rehashing an old post, let me direct you to Warchild13, who had an excellent post based on Mr. Chandler's birthday (the 22nd), which would make Mr. Chandler 117. Hurry back.

So this is what it's like to be rested.

It's been a while since I've felt this good, sad to say. I've had a very hard go of it for the past, well, it seems two weeks, could be less, but this morning I woke up bright...well, no, not bright nor bushy-tailed, but I did wake up and after the requisite snapping and creaking and stork-like exit from the bed I feel like I could wrestle a very old blind alligator with it's tail tied behind it's back and best him two falls out of three. Not too shabby for an old guy.

The thing is, tho, I woke up this morning with my head chock-full of ideas that I have been wanting to implement. They seem to have lined up Indian file, one behind the other, all jostling gently for attention, certain in the knowledge that I have the time, the water for anti-dehydration, and the money to execute and complete all of them. Attend me:

  • I would like to buy another motion-detector light.
    There's a nice model at Home Depot for about $40 that is halogen, and as such the heads are very low profile, very discreet, and very bright. It also has that dim/bright power saver feature, so that when there's no activity they serve as gentle landscape lights, but when activated they come up to their whole 300 bazillion candlepower or so, and crisp whatever is in their range. I'd like to replace the crappy one in the garage with a good one, and put the crappy one over my shed door. See, crappy stays turned off unless activated, and is the incandescent style bulb, the big ones, so it's a bit obvious. To put crappy over my door I'd have to get out to the shop and run some 12/3 to somewhere over the doorframe, and get a steel octagonal outlet mounted over the door, and wire it all together without burning the shop down. This I could do, given time. This one has high marks for being done this weekend.

  • I'd like to paint my laundry room and update the shelves.
    It's dreary in there, white walls with 35 years of age. The daughter (the older one, who is building her own house) suggested I go the same route as her plan and paint it a bright, cheerful yellow. I'm all for that, but if I paint I'd also like to replace the old flat shelves with at least one nice 5' cabinet, for clutter minimising, and that costs, too. The cabinet, not the paint, which I think I still have a can of from an old kitchen project.

  • The master bath needs it's old light fixture replaced. For that matter, both do.
    Thirty plus years ago a 2' long fluorescent tube behind a fogged plastic cover with chrome endcaps was fine. Today it's a little icky. The wife picked out a few nice light bars at Lowe's months and months ago, the lovely kind with three or four separate bulbs and pastel frosted glass shades, which would be easy to install, but it costs. Naturally. See, Lowe's gets you like that--you have to buy the lightbar and the shades separately. Ah-ha, got you.

  • A ceiling fan for the office.
    It's hot in LA right now, we've been hovering at the 102+ mark, and with 95% humidity the "Real Feel" temp stays around 126. Doubt me? I kid you not. Ceiling fans are the Summer Survivalist's friend. With a fan on you can keep the A/C a few degrees lower (read: cheaper) and move the air around the house a little more efficiently. I've already got fans in the den and the spare bedroom, as well as the living room, but there are days when I'd really like to move the air in here a little. It just gets stuffy, and the office is off the main flow of the house, so the air tends to be a little dead in here. Again, costs stands in the way.

  • I'd love to have a boat hoist in the last stall of the shop.
    Nothing hardcore, nothing electric, just a way to lift the little pirogue (for you Cajun-disfunctional that word is pronounced "PE-row") up and out of the way, since I don't forsee my fishing career advancing anytime soon. And if I could move the pirogue up I could

  • Fix the slide boards on the trailer.
    They're old, rotten, and need to be replaced, and it's an easy job, I've got the carpet, got the tacks, just need to move the boat and get out there and do it. And if I fix the boards and have the boat out of the way, I can park the trailer outside (it's galvanised and therefore rain, sun, and bullet-proof) I can make room for

  • A sandblasting box.
    The brother has a portable sandblaster, but it's a 100% loss system--you stand there with the nozzle and blast whatever you want to, but the media goes wherever it wants to, and you end up with a shining clean piece of steel and a huge pile of wasted media around your feet. A sandblasting box keeps it all in one place, and with that I could make some serious advances on the swing resoration. This might be the most likely thing to happen today, depending on how cheap Harbor Freight has media and boxes for.

There's more, but tasks have to wait--brekkie is ready, and as we all know it's the most important meal of the day. Ciao.

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