Jul 14, 2005

I have come unstuck in Time.


Here of late I have lost track of what day it is twice in two weeks. What's bad is that I don't find out until DAYS have passed that I'm living in the wrong day. Last week the office was closed for July Fourth, so the work week started on Tuesday. By Friday I was certain it was Thursday, because important place-markers like my calendar were packed up with all the other office supplies. Imagine my fear, surprise, and revulsion when I realised I had been anticipating 'only one more day of work this week' and suddenly it's the weekend. I felt like I had reached for one more step that didn't exist, and suddenly I was stumbling.

It happened again this week, too. Part of it was having a bday party (not mine, I'm still young) at the mom-in-law's house on a day that wasn't a weekend (it's rare for us to go anywhere on anything but a weekend since we both work) and again, part not having a calendar in front of me, or some visual frame of reference. Oh, and the garbagemen didn't come on time, either, but they're about as reliable as a clock made out of flowers, and not nearly as attractive.

See, Wednesday is Garbage Day, in the same way that Tuesday is Soylent Green Day. Every Tuesday evening I tote all the trash out to the can, and the can to the curb. If I miss the Tuesday evening drag it's quite likely one of two things will happen: 1) I'll drag it out there Wednesday morning at 6 am, only to find that they came at 3:12 that morning, or 2) I'll assume I missed them, leave the can in the garage, and will leave for work at ten minutes to eight only to see them drive past. So of course, Tuesday evening I bring the can out, stand it at the curb, and pray. Wednesday evening it's still standing there full, so I suddenly think "Well heck, it was Tuesday today, they'll come tomorrow, I'm just a day ahead of myself." So of course, to further the confusion, I hear them drive up a few minutes ago, and I had to check the calendar on XP's toolbar to reassure myself that it was, in fact, Thursday, and they were simply late, whereas I'm still living in Wednesday.

It's inevitable that I live in some sort of outer suburban nightmare like that. I try so desperately to fit into some sort of pattern, because I'm so bloody forgetful about a lot of things that patterns really help me stay in touch with Reality, and the rest of the world doesn't want to cooperate.

Speaking of, I nearly crashed the computer trying to find pics of garbagemen for the Picture of the Moment, so I think I'll stop here now. It's only taken me five minutes of windows suddenly not closing and the CPU Usage Meter bar coming up on the taskbar to remind me that I'm using the wonder of the world, Windows.


And for those of you who noticed, I hope you like the new blue--I reapplied a new background thinking it would help the sliding sidebar problem, come to find out it was the Ride To Work Day banner, but now that we're here I'm not going back again, too much hassle. Enjoy it until the next catastrophic failure, which should be happening abou

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