Jul 20, 2005

Just one bottle, just one jot. Just one tittle, that's the lot.

You'd be surprised how hard I had to work to find that quote, even with all the mighty powers of the internet behind me. Damn, technology can be a real bugger sometime.

If you've never seen "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," the wonderous version directed by Terry Gilliam of 'Python fame, you need to. I was thinking of a line the Baron delivered to Aphrodite when she scolded him that he was perhaps lying about her beauty, to which he replied "Not one jot, madam, not one tittle!"

And not knowing what a tittle is, I went digging, and found out that I also didn't know what a jot was. So gather close, children, and let's learn a bit of old useless English trivia.

(See, this is how it gets started. Next thing you'll have caught poetry.)

The "jot," according to the incredibly true and accurate internet, is the Hebrew word "yodh," which is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is also the smallest letter. It's english equivalent is the letter "Y." The word "jot" itself is an english transliteration of "iota" which is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. "Iota," in turn, is the nearest Greek equivalent for the Hebrew "yodh."

Now then, don't you just feel your trivia glands swelling with whatever fluid trivia glands swell with when activated? Don't you just want to sit in a bar somewhere and suddenly, midway through your fourth beer, leap up onto the bar and begin expounding to the patrons about jots and iotas? And if you're received with enough welcome, or can avoid the police long enough, you could even go on about the tittle.

The "tittle" is the small decorative spur or point on the upper edge of "yodh." It's a letter with a slightly visible decorative mark.

Well now, I don't know about you, but I feel thick with knowledge now.

And as an apology for the language lesson, go get yourself a nice free cuppa.


Old Grey Mare said...

Mr Irrelephant I agree that todays english lesson is kinda bizarre, but, that is the basis of you. I can only wonder if possibly you had your nightly quota of sleep interupted? Sorry.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Yes, old grey mare, actually he did complain that he got very little sleep last night. He wouldn't laugh at me at work today, so I knew something was wrong with his brain.

Irr, what the hell are you talking about? LOL!

Irrelephant said...

OGM, the problem lay not in you guys being out but in my brain-dead neighbor's equally brain-dead dogs. I slept badly last night, too many nightmares, and was woken around 2am by the dog next door barking in what sounded like my back yard. Tomorrow after work I'm going to Wal-Mart to buy a wrist-rocket and some ball bearings. He's shot two of our dogs, it's time to turn the tables.