Jul 18, 2005

One of my unvarying reference points

here of late is a wasp. What does that tell you about me?

Every time I come home I pause for a moment to see what the little Chalybion c. dirt dauber has managed thus far, near the frame of my back door. The rains have made her job much easier here of late, so she's managed to form and cap one tube a day or so for the past few days. It started as three across, then two above, then one, a little brown pyramid, but I think she realised she was in danger of her future children being hit by my storm door, so she stopped at a tri-level and has stared building down. Five thus far, and counting.

Nest picture

(Down below you can see two curves of mud where she started and abandoned assembly on the nest. She's not talking as to why those were not suitable sites.)

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