Jul 22, 2005

Round Robin

I was up and down more last night than a kid's Yo-Yo at a birthday party.

Today I are mostly going to let you guys blog for me. I slept very poorly last night, added to a week of sleeping poorly, I had to sleep late to get ANY rest, so now I am very behind, and blogging gets left for another day. So today, I hand the reins over to you, my scattered and quiet readers. Tell me what you were expecting this morning, tell me what you wished I had written about, tell me what you would have liked me to write about. Tell me about your last poo if that's all you've got in mind; blog me today to your heart's content.

I'll rejoin the land of the living soon.

1 comment:

Vulgar Wizard said...

I was expecting you to tell the world somewhere toward the end of your usual insightful entries that you were concerned that I might spontaneously combust yesterday. I'm rather glad that you didn't, but damn it, I just did!