Jul 7, 2005

Russian Mail-Order Brides--Get 'Em Cheap While They Last!

That one's for you, Regal Monkey. *lol* Just remember, you asked for it.

And that's quite enough about Russian Mail Order Brides, of which we have one too many in town right now, because she's a terrible waitress.

The office move is well underway, that's been the big cha-cha-change going on this week. And today is Hump Day, tho right now I am wondering if the hump isn't going to come along until we can get our computers out there. One of our ladies in the office pulled a string, called a favor, and out of the blue we go from an "up to 8 weeks away" phone install to "Yup, we'll be there today" install. SWEET! Unfortunately she doesn't know anyone who does T-1 lines, so as far as my tiny brain understands it right now, we're between two offices, the old smelly one that still has a computer connection, and the brand new, lovely one that has everything we need except patient charts and a computer line to the Outside World.


Yesterday was interesting--the moving guys drove up in their tractor trailer and out poured guys like a clown car opening up. They tore into our carefully stacked boxes like a small army of good-natured fleas and before our very eyes the truck was suddenly wall to wall in stuff, and they were sweatingly smiling at us, asking for directions. The unload was much faster, because it was all downhill (out of the truck, down the ramp.) One guy stood in the truck and heaved boxes and furniture out, and the five good-natured fleas and the one thug flea caught and carried. It was quite the sight, because at the new building my office stands right in the front door, and two hallways lead off behind it, one to the right, one to the left, like a wishbone, so we would stand just behind the front door and direct dolly-fulls of boxes into this office and that office. I felt like a stone in a river, diverting the current of the water to the left and right of me. Current carrying a lot of cardboard, granted, but you get the picture.

So things are settling again, sort of. Things are in the PROCESS of settling, how about that. The Fourth is past, the fireworks were grand, work is getting back to something approaching a norm, and I'm ready for it. I've dealt with the stress of moving pretty well thus far, but I'm ready for a return to normal functioning, please. Thanks so much.

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