Jul 31, 2005

Snaaaaake, it's a snake!

I was reading something the other day about memes and their power to affect mental processes (and no, I'm not becoming a Scientolgist, I'm not rich enough) and what was the first thing to pop into my head?


And sheep and dirt, and ninjas and lasers and fighting.

I surfed around a little bit to remind myself that, while animations like Kenya and Badgers and one or two of the Weebl and Bobs are very very funny, it's still something as simple as a very catchy tune, a meme, that has taken the world by storm and left a fairly indelible mark on it.

In case you haven't been indoctrinated:

Badgers is what got me started. And yes, before you watch it a dozen times to see when it changes, it is a loop, so don't watch any longer than you have to.

And of course I shan't forget Weebl and Bob. I haven't watched these in quite a while, and there seems to be about a thousand more of each, but today won't be the day, as I'm up to me bum in yardwork and vehicles needing washed.

The thing that prompted me to write? The Badgers T-shirt is TWENTY SIX DOLLARS? My sweet stars and garters, are they actually getting twenty-six bones for a T-shirt with a badger, a mushroom, and a snake on it? Damn, I must be advertising wrong.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Badgers. Very disturbing. England, England!!!!

Vulgar Wizard said...
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