Aug 13, 2005

Buddha's Breakfast and Furby The Bike

You know, sometimes reality can be far stranger than anything I might be able to cook up from my own stifled, overheated skull.

Attend me:

For thousands of years, people have been spending years and years meditating, seeking inwards, looking into the insides of their own spirits, seeking enlightnment. Even Siddharta Gautama the Buddha had to spend years meditating and needed a baobab tree to gain Enlightenment, so that he could then give to us all the secret. But you see, now that it's the 21st century we no longer need things like suffering and rigorous, self-directed mental training. No, with the modern miracle of vitamins and minerals and stem cell research all we need is a good cereal. In cranberry ginger flavor, no less. Delicious, good for you, AND you gain Enlightenment in each spoonfull! And at $4.49 a box, it's too cheap NOT to bring Enlightenment to the whole family!

But wait, things can get worse, and did:

On the way home I got a distant look at a pack of six sportbikes on the highway. At that distance all I could see was wheels and riders, and all I could hear was that sexy, boiling lead, bubbling sound of custom pipes. Nicely enough, we somehow managed to get back in front of them on the highway, and I got a good look at two stock R1s in blue, no big deal. Following him was a beaten up Suzuki, but the next one to catch my eye was this Kawasaki, sporting that company's newest paint scheme. Available in four new Mossy Oak RealTree patterns on the 2007 ZX-6Rs next year.

There was one bike, however, that caught the attention right off out of the pack because at a distance it was a sort of MexiCali turquoise blue. Now I know for a fact that plain turquoise has never been a factory colour option on a bike, not even on Ducatis, so the assumption was, naturally, that it was a custom job.

Boy was I right. And boy was he wrong.

Yes, that's fur.

Long fur.

Turquoise blue long fur.

I don't think I could possibly ever hate myself that much.

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