Aug 24, 2005

Chewing Tinfoil

This morning I mostly be feelin' like someone set the electroshock machine on "11."

I can't think of the product, but there's a commercial on the idjit box right now about credit, I think, where all the college-age kids talk about how they lost control of their credit, and one pale and sallow youth says something along the lines of "I'm at the mercy of forces beyond my control." I get quite a giggle out of that, then I have to cross myself and rub my lucky rabbit's foot to prevent the evil spirits from noticing me.

Last night Loki paid me a visit, and I don't mean VW's cat. And I was trying to plug Loki Loki Bo-Boki there, found the Long Necked Bo Boki picture, but couldn't figure out the damned HTML to link it. *gritting teeth* It's gonna be one of those days, I can just tell.

Last night my brain decided that sleeping until 4 am was enough rest for one night, and put me through the nightmare wringer. I woke up at 5:30 to the alarm expecting to find a bed full of broken and used horseshoes. And I don't mean the usual sort of nightmare I get, oh no. These had to be sort of college student film collages of images that had no real narration or theme, barely hung together, and covering about a thousand dream subjects at once. I woke up more confused and disoriented than afraid or feeling bad. I think I'd rather wake up screaming than wake up trying to figure out which end was the one I needed to shave.

So here I am, dazed and confused. So confused that I even used a "z." Damn, I'm in a bad way. And of course The Auditors are coming today. I keep thinking of Terry Pratchett when VW mentions them, and I expect to see little empty gray robes floating across the parking lot, and none of them referring to themselves in the personal tense. I know that's a rather esoteric reference, but if you haven't treated yourself to Terry Pratchett then you really ought to. He makes Douglas Adams look like Alan Greenspan.

For those of you who are newsfeeders, I went out and installed FeedBurner last night. And for those of you who found this site this morning by using FeedBurner, welcome! And my apologies if you've read this far, because this post lacks my usual helpings of sparkling wit, steely sarcasm, and my outrageously big butt. It does, however, use the word "esoteric" in a sentence, which is something you don't get a lot of these days.


Vulgar Wizard said...

outrageously . . . . big . . . . butt . . . . .

uhm . . . . no . . . .



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