Aug 26, 2005

No Balm In Gilead

I have somehow managed to wile away an entire hour this morning surfing OPB (Other People's Blogs) and not writing for myself, which is contrary to the guidelines set down in my newest self-help book, Fast Eddie's Learn To Write The Easy Way Or Else! If I don't get a post together toot-sweet Eddie is going to send his boys around to break my kneecaps.

I'm writing Eddie, I'm writing! See?

What is it that makes people unhappy? There. Deep thought for the day. I have to wonder just how unbearable the world would be if we had no suffering, no pain, no disease. If people had everything they ever wanted, had no need to work for food or clothing. Everyone would be walking around with their heads in the clouds, thinking deep thoughts, expanding into every sort of subject and idealism, adding immensely to what would have to be an already massive databank of Human Experience.

No, that's bullshit. Sci-Fi writers would love to see it that way, and so would I, but I'm too much a cynic for all that. Bread and circuses, that's what we'd have. Enlightened Self Interest can take a flying leap. I can't name ten people who, if given a break from scrabbling to sustain themselves would suddenly turn their thoughts to those of altruism. Sorry guys, I just know you too well. *lol*

Honestly, though. We've been hardwired from Day 1 (and I'm not talking about Intelligent Design here) to work for what we have, and to climb and struggle and need to climb higher, all the time. It's what's gotten us thus far, and I'm pretty sure it's what's going to end our climb for us. We've got the brainpower and the drive to steadily increase our selves and our abilitites, we've got the need to get It all for ourselves because that insures breeding rights and health, and what do we do with it all? We go after more. When are we going to realise that this sort of desperate desire is, in the long haul, going to destroy us?

I read somewhere that there is a branch of philosophy that teaches the idea that people in a group are better problem solvers and more more intelligent as a group than as individuals. My stars and garters, who lied to this boy? Perhaps I'm too cynical, perhaps I'm too jaded, but people in a group are just a mob: easily led, easily swayed, and with the intelligence of a low-end Addidas running shoe.

Perhaps we NEED a good Ebola outbreak or some sort of custom bio-toxin in the drinking water to weed out about 85% of the population, spread us out some, make some necessary distance between us. And as soon as I write that I realise that the first thing people would do would be to cling together again. We've too much of the herd instinct in us.

So maybe that's why we millions of bloggers do what we do. Perhaps this is another aspect of the herd instinct--the desire to make common inroads to other people, to secure bonds of mutual support and friendship, to increase our sense of self-worth, but instead of using pheremones and touch and spoken sounds we use the throughput of phosphor dot and fiberoptic cabling and networking nodes.

And perhaps I'm just trumpeting out my arse because I didn't have a pre-planned subject to talk about this morning.



Vulgar Wizard said...

If I didn't have to work for a living, I'd spend my days taking photographs and my nights developing them in the dark room I built from scratch.

And I'd like an endless supply of Necco wafers, please.

Vulgar Wizard said...

I blog to keep from slaying useless terds that float around my workplace AND to keep my fiance from slaying me for bitching and griping about work. LOL!

And there is a Z in the verficiation word.

Irrelephant said...

Mmmmmmm....Necco wafers.