Aug 21, 2005

Pink Floyd Reunion?

WTF?? Why wasn't I informed of this? Who lost the memo?

4 July, 2005
England's Press speaks up

There were moments of pure history. Pink Floyd took the stage for the first time in 24 years, ending one of rock's most epic feuds as Roger Waters and David Gilmour set aside their differences for Live8.
Sunday Mirror

You gotta love the British Press. Who else could dryly announce that Pink Floyd was playing together again. I don't think the Brits would get worked up if John Lennon dug himself out from his grave, grabbed a guitar, took his place on stage with 'the lads' and belted out Strawberry Fields.

Those grumpy old men of rock'n'roll Pink Floyd got a bit hot and bothered when they bickered among themselves in rehearsals - and fell out with Madonna. The pop queen was more than an hour late for Friday night's dry-run, then proceeded to hog the stage for two hours, forcing everyone else to wait. The rockers were already fuming at Madonna by this point - but tempers reached boiling point when the material girl got her flunky on stage to brush her hair. So it was hardly surprising when Pink Floyd eventually got on stage relations were a bit strained between old enemies Roger Waters and David Gilmour, and they had a few 'difficulties' with the production crew. Must have felt just like old times again.
Sunday Mirror

Ah. So they were upset over a has-been whore/pop diva? I can understand that. And who taught that doofus to assemble sentences?

The momentum had become unstoppable, defined with the historic rapprochement of Pink Floyd. Geldof's pleas to Roger Waters and David Gilmour to put aside their 20-year feud paid off, creating for many what will be the most intriguing act of the day.
The Observer

"Intriguing...." Now there's an understatement.

News Flash! Rolling Stones front-man Mick Jagger announced today to the assembled world press that Keith Richard, the world's oldest man at age 174, had in fact died in 1963 from an overdose of hairspray, and had that very year been replaced as Rolling Stone's guitarist by a series of ever more sophisticated androids. The London Times head reporter, Sir Charles Whyte Witherspoon Chesterfield-Fark was overheard to respond to this earth-shattering announcement by saying "Hmmm...intriguing."

It had taken 24 years and the drive to make poverty history to get them together - but even then there was something missing for Pink Floyd. Roger Waters dedicated Wish You Were Here to Syd Barrett, the Floyd's long lost member. It was a dramatic moment as the most psychedelic band came back from the dead. Floyd have the ability to make your ponder your roll in life. That is exactly what they did last night. They made us consider why Live8 was going ahead. "No More Excuses" the banner above them read.
Sunday Mirror

Bloody hell. I still can't get over the fact that they played without telling me. And they didn't even play anything from Atom Heart Mother. Marmalade, gotta have marmalade.

Pink Floyd fans had their dreams realised last night when the band played together for the first time in 24 years. The members had barely been on speaking terms since the Eighties when bass guitarist Roger Waters fell out with David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Last night they hugged each other before walking off stage after playing old hits like Money and Wish You Were Here. Gilmour [sic] told the crowd: "It's very emotional to be standing up here for the first time in 24 years .. standing to be counted with the rest of you."
The Mail On Sunday

Gilmour wasn't hugging Waters, I saw clips from the concert--his knee finally gave out, and Waters had to grab him to keep his almost bald ass from falling into the front rows. Waters mumbled "Cor, me back" as Gilmour's full weight became apparent, and some of Water's very white hair fell out onto some of the screaming fans, no doubt to appear later on eBay, along with Rick Wright's false teeth and Nick Mason's prosthetic arms.

Still and all, I would have given my eye teeth to have been there.

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