Aug 1, 2005

Selected shorts

William Gibson is back and you're gonna be in trouble.

*Hey-na, hey-na, Gibson's back*

After a 4 month absence (sounds like you, sys) my favourite blogger (and writer, and all around swell guy) has returned to the blogosphere. He was writing (I thought that's what you did HERE, Willie) and has either taken a break from or has finished his new novel enough that he feels comfortable returning to blogging. Sweet. And a new novel coming out...sweeter!

I ventured into the exciting and dangerous world of international electrical modification this weekend. Had to review the list, and found that nowhere on my Big List Of Smells I Like To Smell could I find the item "Burnt insulation and ozone." I even checked on my Big List Of Things I Like To See, and couldn't find "Huge shower of sparks from accidentally crossing two live wires with a metal tool and letting them arc" either, so I'm batting 0 out there. And now I have less lights in the shop than before. I think I really need to stick with installing new light fixtures where other light fixtures used to be, rather than trying to get all fancy with switches.

I saw my first H3 yesterday. For those of you without systers who are bezeek over Hummer vehicles, the H3 is the new and improved tiny version of the H2, which is the Borg Ship version of the H1, which is a military-to-civillian SUV that looks like two very fat, very short ladies trying to cross a stream, pulling their skirts up very high.

Me, I blame Ah-nold for buying one in the first place. Blasted Austrians.

It took me a while, but I finally realised that the part of Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother, as played on the BBC series with Jeremy Brett was none other than Charles Gray, whom I came to know and love as "The Criminologist" from The Rock Horror Picture Show. He does a marvelous Mycroft, and having watched him in The Mazarin Stone last night I think he'd have made an excellent Nero Wolfe, if he could exorcise that marvelous British accent out. Unfortunately cancer killed him in 2002. Gray, not Wolfe.

The dirt dauber has gone into overdrive. Perhaps it's all the rain and the sudden abundance of standing water in the low spots or perhaps she's just having a really good run, but the Back Door Dauber has shifted into nest-overdrive. She's got what might be close to ten larvae in there now, and was as of last night working on filling yet another tube with yummy spiders and things. The presence of the storm door has not in the least perturbed her, and she's building ever upwards and downwards. Nice to see that someone's getting some forward movement out of life.

Why is it that you cannot find the pre-turned table legs in anything over 29" tall? If one wishes to buy four pre-turned table legs with which to make a sort of sofa table thing, a small but tall sort of thing, how is one expected to do so without proper length legs available? I don't have a lathe or I would cut my own (poorly, and entirely in the dark.) The daugher doesn't want a coffee table, she wants a regular height TABLE table. *sigh* Blocked at every turn. I'm starting to feel like a rat in a "Let's see how long it takes to drive this one crazy" experiment.

Blasted lab-coated freaks.

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