Sep 14, 2005

Boxed Set Madness

I think that the most wonderful invention to date has to be the DVD boxed set.

No, actually I don't think that, but it's nice to say, and probably makes the DVD people feel better about themselves.

I think that one of the nicer inventions to date has to be the DVD boxed set. That's more accurate. See, I've lately been introduced to two shows that I missed when they debuted on the tele, since I have DirecTv and don't bother with network or local stuff. One has already come and got canceled, and the other is, to my knowledge, still moving onward, which is going to distress me mightily.

Firefly I've already talked about earlier. An unlikely plot: cowboys in space. A suberb writer/director: Joss Whedon. A marvelously well-done sci-fi show that takes a few steps away from the tried and true, has nothing to do with Star Trek and their pastel-coloured universe (even tho I loved Star Trek too) and is very engaging. The DVD boxed set for Firefly is distressingly small, since the network yanked the plug on Firefly after I think 15 episodes, but it lives on in the DVDs and in the upcoming movie "Serenity."

The other set, the one that put it's hooks in me as of last night, is Lost. Yah, I hear you jeering. I hear the "I told you so's" too. I just now got around to it, okay? *lol*

I try to be a skeptic, I really do. I try to steer away from the popular crowd, try to avoid that which is the fad of the moment. Lost seems to be those things and more. I watched the pilot episode last night, and I think the next two episodes, one disk full, and am utterly dragged into it. I care that there's a criminal on the island, that there's probably dinosaurs or something equally foolish there, and that the arsehole character shot a polar bear on a tropical island. I'm freaked out that there's a recording of a French woman begging for help that's been broadcast for the last 16 years and 5 months, and I'm still wondering how all these very pale white people on a beach aren't wearing third-degree burns yet, but I'm still sucked in, hook line and sinker.

And I really want to know who the jackass in the white tennis shoes and dark suit is and why Mr. Locke can suddenly walk. And what old girl did to be wanted by the law.

As an honorable mention: Millennium. I know, Chris Carter had to end the show rather poorly, and Lance Henrikson is not the most photogenic person in the world, but damn...what a show. And like Dune the book, at first it failed to engage me at all, then I returned to it years later, where it found such a welcome that I devoured the entire saga at one go. Both, that is. Herbert's books and Carter's show. Go figure.

So thank you, DVD boxed sets, for making things live beyond their original span of seaons. And damn you for being so freaking expensive.


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Sheeps? Sheeps? The little baa-baa's?

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