Sep 29, 2005

Can Someone Tell Me

Why is the water here foamy when it's first running?

It's icky. And a bit scary. When the faucets are off for more than a few hours, the first second or two of water coming out FOAMS. It's strange. It's unnatural.

It's water, for cripe's sake. I know we're getting most of our water from bayous and cesspools and things of that nature, but that water's brown and green, and not known for foaming, but ours does.

RIWA, what are you doing to our water?


Regal Monkey said...

Be careful... my brother in Alex. was throwing up on Monday as a result of using ice cubes from his ice maker in his freezer... I heard there are problems with the water up there. EW... what you saw likely WAS unnatural (or maybe natural in that biohazard sort of way...)

Vulgar Wizard said...

No, this stuff happens everyday, Rita or not. Every morning, the water foams. It's like a lot of tiny air bubbles, not like some kind of white foam like soap or anything. Foamy water at the office. Weird.

jomama said...

I would get it a lab.

Vat can it hoit?

Irrelephant said...

Regal, I think it's somehow a function of a new building and pipes, because it's always done that, and still does it. I'm gonna have to go over to VW's new house and turn her taps on and see if it does the same thing there.

Jomama, I've actually been tempted to, maybe sneak it by one of the hospitals and tell them it's a urine sample, but the water company tells us that their source was not contaminated by Rita's actions, and they were the city that didn't close down for a day last week, so I guess for a bunch of toothless, banjo-picking submorons they must have their act together.