Sep 16, 2005

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

It goes hand-in-glove with the Zen post, you see. This was the post I had intended to write, but had lost the title in the clutter of my mind, so I ended up writing on the subject of time, rather than the application.

I spend all week working toward Friday, 5pm. Now that I am on a regular work schedule (it's hard to live for the weekend when you have to work through it) it's easier for my body to start to expect the freedom of the weekend, so the rest of me follows suit and gets all excited the closer Friday comes. And since I'm basically a lazy sot, all the little odd jobs and chores and things I have to do all week get pushed to the weekend, so that when I arrive at Saturday morning the looming jobs look like a mountain, and I get to return to work Monday morning truthfully telling folks that I worked harder during the weekend than I EVER manage at my job.

I find that I really envy my mum-in-law's husband. He seems to have this boundless amount of energy, so that when he comes home from a long day at work plus a rather long commute he's still bursting with energy, goes out and does yard work, or installs a beautiful partial dropped ceiling with hidden lights in the master bedroom of their house, or does yard work the rest of the night. I don't see how in the hell he manages, because then, come the weekend, he's out there working like the Deevil hisself is on his arse.

Perhaps I need amphetamines.


Anonymous said...

I think the trick is to really love your job. Then it doesn't feel like work and you have plenty of energy at the end of the day :) At least that's what I do.

jomama said...

My wife works like that guy.

She never complains about my lazy ass while I sweat watching her.