Sep 21, 2005

In The World Of The Oboe

the Susaphone player is king.

Or so I'm told.

Sometimes the coolest things can be found when you're least expecting them. I was sitting here wondering where exactly I was going to go with that opening when I happened to glance out at the parking lot and saw something small and dark moving out in the gravel. The funny thing is, even at a good thirty feet away I knew it was a praying mantis before I could see it clearly; simply by the herky-jerky way it was moving across the lunar landscape that is our parking lot. This one, unlike the pale green ones I'm used to seeing was a beautiful earthen colour, all tan and ochre and sienna patterns across legs and back and wingcase.

And yes, I've utterly forgotten where I was going with this post. Honest, it had nothing to do with susaphones nor oboes. I think I was going to say something about future shock, ala Aldous Huxley and why I still cling tenaciously to my fountain pen and my old truck, but the mantis seems to have summed it up pretty darn well for me: simple is good, and fulfilling.


Jennifer said...

You didn't happen to have Red Bull this morning did you? That would explain the inability to concentrate. That's my excuse anyway.

And is that disclaimer SUPPOSED to be at the bottom?

Irrelephant said...

We just took the disclaimer off. You must have been ready to pounce this morning. That was crazy!

Jennifer said...

Ready to pounce? I didn't even start my blog surfing until like 10am.... and yes, I'm working... I work in a lab and my experiments take time to run, giving me free time to wait, I mean surf, I mean read scientific journals...yeah, that's it.

Irrelephant said...

I guess you timed it perfectly--I posted that one from my email account at work, stepped around my desk and into VW's office to ask her to log on and erase the security disclaimer thing, she pulled up the site and there sat your comment...too funny!