Sep 15, 2005

Just DOO It

For those of you who remember what you read, you'll no doubt remember me talking about my Director Of Operations, or DOO for short. Well, Vulgar Wizard and I have been working on his resistance (unbeknownst to us it seems) for long enough--he's got his own blog now, and I must say that his first post (not the first test post that VW did) packs quite a whollop. I hope he keeps it up, 'cos it's going to be an interesting ride if he does.

As an added bonus, VW, Adrenaline Junkie, RN and I have an agreement in the office--we write whatver is on our minds, even if it involves each other. This ought to be good. Of course, I'm already handicapped on the butt-kicking contest because I, unlike my supervisors, don't have a way to connect to the internet from my workstation.

*shaking my fist at the sky* Damn you Corporate I.T.!

Adrenaline Junkie, RN writing at "Just DOO It."

You go, boy!

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