Sep 1, 2005


The hospitals here are full. As are the hotels, motels, and parking lots. Baton Rouge is suffering outbreaks of violence now. So is Marksville, I'm told. The rumour mill is going insane.

I am overloaded. It's too much to think about, too much to swallow in one go.

The truth--

Louisiana State Police officers are going out fully armed and armoured, one each to a rescue boat in New Orleans, because the rescue operators are being shot at by the idiot fucktards who still remain. I know this first-hand from two officer's wives, whose husbands are down there right now risking their lives for others.

People are dying inside and outside of the Superdome and the Convention Center. The newscasters are reveling in showing a picture of an old woman dead in her wheelchair outside, covered in an old blanket. People are freaking out as to why others aren't dealing with it--'what are they going to do with her' I ask, 'bury her? Along with the thousands of dead who are floating around your lovely city right now?'

The people stranded in the Superdome and in the Convention Center are being slowly evacuated, but not as quickly as they could be, because complete fucking morons are shooting at ambulances, Coast Guard helicopters, rescue vehicles and workers, and hijacked and stolen buses are showing up at the Astrodome with other refugees. Be glad you've got somewhere dry to be.

My brother the pharmacist was called back to his job tonight for what will likely be a 12 plus hour shift. Seems they're bringing in seven bus loads of sick and dying people from down south to a hospital that is already over-full.

I have seen people shouting at the television reporters that the State needs to come help them. You should have helped yourself when they TOLD YOU TO LEAVE, you sniveling goddamned ingrates. What you're suffering now is what you've earned by your stupidity. Revel in it. Enjoy it. Suck it up. Your decision earned it for you. Perhaps your death will keep your flawed genetic material from further fouling the gene pool.

There are no doubt great deeds of kindness and love being thanklessly performed every moment down south, but right now all I feel is disgust at my fellow men and women's behaviour. I'd sooner pat a rabid dog than venture to help down there. I know medical personnel here who refuse to help now, out of fear of what could happen to them at the tender mercy of these people. New Orleans has turned into a rabid dog. It needs to be put out of it's misery so we can all get on with our lives.

Perhaps the bull sharks now patrolling the city streets will take care of the last of the trash, and leave the way open for a brighter day.

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Caffeinated Mommy said...

thanks for the advice 'relephant. about the spam and the baby stuff. Taking the baby stuff to the Red Cross and Coliseum didn't cross my mind, sadly. Anyway, I have to agree with your entire post today. It's terrible that people can make us feel badly about them in their time of need. I want to be sympathetic, but they make it really hard.
Anyway, I'll try to e-mail you tomorrow. Hopefully, the computer will let me stay on-line long enough.