Sep 28, 2005


Vulgar Wizard, I know you're at home until Monday, busy preparing to move, but you need to be at work. Right now.

See, I'm going out of my tiny skull. I did the supply order, I think correctly. I unpacked and put away the supplies that Brown dropped off, correctly I think. The thing is, it's too damned quiet in here. Adrenaline Junkie came in this morning on his day off with full intention of having a meeting with a patient's very important husband and BoBindy, but that fell through, so he sort of meandered around here talking to himself until about 2, at which time he got the call that the meeting had been cancelled and he left here so fast the crickets got sucked out of the building into the AJunkie-shaped vacuum he left behind him.

BoBindy was in for a while this morning too, she made cookies and then left, AJ scrammed out of here, so that leaves me here with RMB, Lasy Susan and her Good Right Hand, and as much as I hate to say it, they're pretty damned boring too.

And that insane old dude that calls at least once a day? The one with the Big Boy Bed that's broke? He called again today, just a few minutes ago, actually. He's suddenly become one of those persons who doesn't want to talk to anyone who can help him, doesn't want to talk sense, he just wanted to gripe at someone because his fat ass broke his Big Boy Hospital Bed and he didn't want to take responsibility for anything, he just wanted to freaking WHINE about it. I thought I had left behind that sort of phone call when I left Orifice Depot, but apparently those sorts of people come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. ALL sizes.

And you're not here for me to gripe to about it, and AJ isn't here for me to make jokes about him to, and damnit you people are letting me down here!


I think maybe I'm going to rearrange your desk for you before you get back Monday, VW, sort of like a cat peeing in your shoes when you don't pay them enough attention, only with less pee and more rearranging.

Same goes for you, AJ--you forget that you gave me a master key to the offices in here. Boy was that a dumb move on your part. You just thought all these crickets were coming from outside. Hah. I've got an open credit account with Crickets 'Backward R' Us, and I've been buying Peruvian High Leg Super Blacks by the thousands. Got me a good price on them and everything, every one from a champion bloodline. Just wait until you open your bottom desk drawer, the one where you keep The Stuff.

The owl simply will NOT hoot. Damned owl.

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