Sep 15, 2005

Subject: The System Has a BoBo

Okay, so I posted this via email from work two days ago, and it got returned undeliverable today. Apparently our network, already messed up and such was having such a personality crisis that it was reading my email, too.

Here's the email/post as originally intended:

So the system has been balistically messed up all day here at work. There's a medical term for this peculiar sort of computer behaviour: "Firnked."

For several days now we've been fighting our workstation's failures to log onto the network, very slow connections when we DO get logged on, and apparently nonsensical and sudden requests for network passwords where a password should not be required, and isn't accepted anyway. This morning we had the same sort of problems, only in spades. To make matters worse, this afternoon the server has started opening programs that we tried vainly to open days ago. Talk about hang time. Taking it one more very annoying step further, the network has decided to start opening programs on various machines that no-one has tried to access; it simply decided to open on a random workstation this afternoon. Enjoyably it was on RMB's machine, and interrupted whatever she was doing.

More enjoyably, the Clinical Manager's workstation decided to go face-up earlier in the day, so the CM hsa been prowling the office growling to herself, looking for a computer to steal away from an unwary user. Fortunately for me I only leave my chair at 5:00 pm exactly, which precludes me losing my vaulable (if already unstable and rather feeble) network connection.
And of course I can't have anyone seeing how I've changed all my desktop icons to pictures of imfamous serial killers, or how I've renamed all the shortcuts the same thing: Firnk.

Whoops--the boss is about, with a psych nurse looking for a job. Time for me to put on my Normal Face.

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