Sep 5, 2005

A Surcease Of My Labours

It's Labour Day, the holiday set up to honor the working man (and woman) and to give him (and yes, her) a break in the long run from July 4th to Thanksgiving. And I am no exception.

The joy of this being that finally I have a job that appreciates the fact that Labour Day means that your labourers are OFF work, an idea that is anathema to anyone in the retail industry. I have worked the last twenty or so Labour Days, so it's nice to be off today, a refreshing three-day weekend in which I can shuffle off the daily responsibilities and take it easy.

So this morning I was weeding the driveway rose bed at 6:30 in the morning. Taking advantage, you see, of the 62 degree weather. Which is not destined to last, seeing as here, two hours later, it's already up to 70, and today's high temp promises to be in the low 90's again.


I had planned on taking a break from THIS labour, too. It's not so much a physical labour as a labour of love and time, but it IS labour, and today IS Labour Day, so perhaps I had better shove off.

Roight, I'm out of here!

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