Sep 9, 2005

Tempus Fugit

Ever have one of those mornings when nothing seems to be moving quite in the right direction, and time seems to have decided to go into hyperforward? I'm having one right now, and it's being compounded by a very fluffy cat who thinks that my lap is the best place to be to insert her face into my trying-to-type hands.

Did I mention she's more vocal than a room full of drag queens?

Blogging with pets should be an Olympic sport. You've got to make a coherent, entertaining entry while dealing with at least one family pet who insists on obtaining love, attention, or a morning feeding. I'd be on the podium at least.

I had planned on writing about kids this morning, and how they seem to take a different path from the one that you have tried fruitlessly to put them on. I was thinking this morning how my last ten years have been spent trying to help my daughter to grow up bright and strong and not like her papa, and she still insists on being like me. Curses! What is it about children that resists your attempts to direct them in a different way? Don't get me wrong, she's not nearly as shy as I was when I was her age, and she's less demented than I was, so at least some of the gentle pushing and shaping and prodding has worked, but her genetics are holding strong and fighting the good fight to make her grow up more and more like me every day.

Scary stuff.

So is this how all parents feel? I know there's a jillion and one books out there to tell you how things are going to proceed when you're pregnant, and tons of information about your child and you for the first year, covering such topics as diapers and motor development and producing a breast out of public sight, but once they get past the cute and cuddly stage and start becoming children the information seems to dry up a little bit until they get to the "Dad, can you come bail me out?" stage, at which point I gather it's a little too late.

Yesterday morning she asked me, all innocent-eyed, if I knew about a game called "D and D."

I had to go have a lie-down with a cold cloth on my forehead.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse....she could have asked you about "Spin the Bottle" (God I feel old now)

renegade said...

ummm... that'd probably be the fault of mine huh?

Irrelephant said...

Okay, enough frightening scenarios. *lol* Yes sys, I think it might have been your sprog who put that evl bug in her ear, because all my goodies are packed away and hidden under large boulders in the yard.

Jennifer, I fear that one day very soon she'll be mentioning boys, and I'm going to have to stick her in a wooden keg and feed her through the keg's bunghole until she's 18. At which time I'll plug the bunghole.