Sep 8, 2005

Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day

But today is Thursday, and I don't recall which day that would make it. Perhaps Soylent Orange Day? Or Yellow...I don't recall.

What they ought to do is collect all the floaters in New Orleans right now, grind them up really fine, and feed them to the idiots who don't want to leave, who prefer to squat in poisonous filth and receeding oil-slicked waters. That way you can save all those MREs and water for the people who were smart enough to GET OUT while the getting was good.

But I'm not going to harp on those morons. There's already been reported deaths of people who have been bright enough to drink the flood water, people who have died of various water-borne bacteria, chemicals, and diseases. It's all just chlorine in the gene pool to me.

I've spent the past days trying desperately to ignore the fact that the Audubon Zoo is down there, smack in the middle of the flood. I've tried to block from my mind the thought that all those animals, most rare, a fair number endangered, were going to be lost.

I was wrong.

It seems that two things had escaped my notice--1) 12 zookeepers stayed throughout the entire process to make sure the animals were safe and protected, and were completely prepared, in that they had supplies for themselves and the animals, and 2) the Audubon Zoo was designed to withstand and survive just this sort of emergency, unlike, oh, the city itself.

This brings up several interesting points--

A) No, I don't care about people dying and being trapped down there. They had a choice, they took it. Nobody had them in cages that they couldn't get out of.

B) I applaud the staff of the Zoo for having the foresight to prepare for just such an emergency, and surviving it admirably, with absolute minimum loss of animal life.

C) Why didn't the city take the Zoo as an example? Things would have been a damned sight better right now, wouldn't they?

And a big boo and hiss to the Red Cross. I caught a commercial of theirs on TLC last night during Miami Ink, wherein they show still B&W shots of the damage and the floodwaters. Included is a by-now very publicised photo of the Circle Foods Grocery Store. The Red Cross thoughtfully PhotoShopped out the looters who were in the unedited photo, stealing cigarettes and whiskey. Nice spin, guys.

I'll stop now, I'm certain I've alienated a few of you and pissed the majority off. My only apology is that I'm tired of stupid people.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. WHY, oh, WHY do these idiot WANT to stay? Yeah, I think I'll rick being forcibly removed so that I can live in toxic wastewaters of this horrible flood. Yup, chlorine in the gene pool. And I think Louisiana needed it too!! (no offense to anyone living there, but I think most of the decent ones know this already)

Irrelephant said...

No offense taken, since I'm only about four hours north of The Big Mess. I was listening to interviews yesterday with people who had decided to stay, damned Mayor Nagan and all his evil deeds, and I still can't figure it. These people are nuts.