Oct 23, 2005

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

Something brutally cold this way comes.

It's getting chilly. Seems Canada decided to wage war on us, and are doing so by forcing cold wind to flow southwards, trying to chill the warm hearts of all us Southerners. Me, I'm basking in it. Windows wide open, curtains back, letting the coolth flow thru. Granted, when the house gets down to around 68 degrees or thereabout I'm going to shut it all down, put an extra blanket on the bed and wait for bedtime, after making sure the heater is set for 65. Wheeee!

It's been a busy weekend down here in the holler. The family has really ramped up the old family cemetary's clean-up efforts, and the cousin who has put himself in charge of the project simply by light of him being a funeral director at the local House of The Dead, asked my brother and I if we could sort of clean the acre or so of rough scrub woods behind the cemetary and down the little hill that leads to an old roadbed. Seems the new owner of the property owns a bulldozer, and whatever we throw in the roadbed he will happily convert into a road for all of us.

So, the brother unit and I brought the chainsaw and the limb cutters and we spent a sweaty, mosquitoe-inflicted three hours on that hillside, cutting down trash trees, pulling up vines, and in general having way too much fun for working. And naturally we cleared about ten times the area that cousin Funeral Director managed by himself in a day. City boys...sheesh. *lol*

The cool thing about the day was that I very quickly got into that sort of mindless work state that good hard labour brings about. Minimal words, some hand gestures, a few well-placed "Oi!'s" loud enough to be heard over the chainsaw's eternal racket, and a handful of head-ringing slaps on the skull to remind a certain younger brother to avoid falling trees. It's nice, how, when the body is running full bore the mind can simply take a break, go someplace quiet, have a nice hot cup of Chai and simply not do anything while the body is at full speed, muscles heaving, sweat glands covering everything in dampness, arms and legs pistoning. What a wonderful feeling, to simply Be Working. Made me think of my father, who was a champion at simply working, quietly, with no mess and no great fuss. His birthday was the 22nd.

Around noon today the family and I made the trip out to the cemetary to his grave, a place I haven't visited since I was there for his funeral, years ago. I don't see the point of visiting gravesites much, as the person who you're visiting has more life in your heart and your thoughts than he or she has in the cool ground, but to each their own, and it means a great deal to my Mum, so we piled in. I was about ready to slay my Uncle J.; I'm not sure what made him want to go to the cemetary but follow us he did, driving sub-speed limit and swerving the whole way, annoying really since he was supposed to be following us.

The part that really got me was the non-stop yattering he was going on with at the cemetary. I may have little need to visit a gravesite, but if I do I know that there's a certain amount of decorum to maintain, and he seemed to have missed that memo. Just about ruined a nice trip for me. But, it's a pretty site, with shade trees and quiet for the most part, and we left behind a big bunch of yellow roses at his site, which were his favourite.

After the trip we leapt straightaway into Find Jeans For Weerelephant Day. We ended up in Wal-to-Wal Mart simply because I didn't want to go all over the Mall searching for overpriced stuff, and I was pretty sure that no matter how cool Tarjay is they wouldn't have the sort of clothing selection that WM would have, nor the ultra cheap prices for clothing that will be outgrown before it's outworn. Mission a success, three pairs of jeans that fit well, and I was scrambling for my life, dragging offspring in tow.

I had to make one side trip, and that was to Tarjay anyway, seeing as they have these ultra cool Forces of Valor 1/72nd scale metal WWII aircraft that I wanted to check out. Unfortunately the three different battleground Stukas were all sold out, still, as were all the Spitfires and the Battle of Brittain Hurricanes and actually everything except the dark painted Hurricanes and the Corsairs. Bleugh. What really bites the big one is that every online store that sells these aircraft sells them for $15 or more, when Tarjay sells them for $10 each, but of course has none, and doesn't sell them online. *grit*

Unfortunately after that it still wasn't over as I had no teabags at the house, and was going to die if I had to drink one more glass of orange KoolAid, so there was a fast pass through Super 1 to get that, and THEN home. *whew* Too much town for me.

I almost forgot--early this morning saw the completion of more of the fence betwixt the Redneck Mouthbreather Neighbors with their horrid little yapping, crapping HyTop brand terriers and my own pursuit of peace, quiet and non-dogness. Unfortunately, to put up a fence I had to spend two hours pruning and clearing back five exceedingly large azalea bushes, which my mother, about 35 years ago, saw fit to plant about a foot away from the property line. Now that they're adult-sized they reach about 5' out from the base in all directions, and I had to do a heck of a lot of pruning to be able to string fence up with any sort of surety. But done it is, all I have to do now is haul off a pile of clippings. Later. Right now I'm too worn out from town jaunting and delayed reaction to pushing aging muscles way too hard for way too long.

But, it's a good feeling, and I'm going to enjoy it for as long as I'm able.


Vulgar Wizard said...

OH, you posted about a road-bed, an look what happened! You got spammed! With word verification turned on. THAT sucks.

Irrelephant said...

Yeah, there are times when my life does NOT rock out loud.