Oct 18, 2005

Monday Mustang Madness!

Yeah, some of the more adroit and/or awake of you will notice that I am posting Monday Mustang Madness on a Tuesday evening, and most of you will take that one step further and not even get to read it until Wednesday.

My apologies.

Short form? New kitten in the house, needs to be fed KMR kitten milk every 4 hours or so with a syringe converted into a teat (no needle, with a rubber nipple on the end) and by the time I've got time to blog I've either got to be at work or in bed so I can get up early enough to feed the kitten or go to work.

*Note to anyone wanting or needing to bottle feed a newborn or very new kitten(s)--do NOT get the orange Wal-Mart stuff, it has ZERO food substance and will kill your newborns before your very eyes. Use KMR ONLY, and chances are very good your newborn will live. End of lecture.

BTW, her name is Fiona, and she's beautiful.

Okay. On to Manic Mustang Monday Madness, Mac!

My brother is a Ford Mustang fan. And I don't mean the new ones, either. I mean the 1964 1/2s up to no later than the 1970 models or thereabouts. He's got a few right now, some running, some not. Currently, just to bring you up to speed, he's got a '65 coupe that's completely restored, another '65 coupe in pieces in his garage awaiting restoration, yet another '65 at a local body shop being put back together again, and two '66s that are nothing more than frames and some body bits out back, for scrap. All V-8 cars, no wimpy 6 cylinders out there.

He's about to buy another one. But this time he's gone insane.

See, usually he gets them for about a hundred bucks for three or four, and of those one is a good enough car to restore, the rest being donor vehicles. And he spends quite a few thousand dollars and a lot of years on them, until they're as near perfect as they can be. And then he drives them once in a while.

He called me the afternoon I went home sick, telling me that I HAD to go back to his house. He had another Mustang back there, you see. Only this one was different: it wasn't bought yet, and it was completely restored. None of this "Hey, can you come help me winch this wheel-less wreck onto the trailer, strap all the loose bits into the passenger side and haul it home?" This was a "Hey, I've got a car I'm looking at."

See, he's a car guy. Utterly. He goes to car dealerships just to haggle salesmen down to their rock-bottom price, then leaves, sans car. He knows the location of every pre 1971 Mustang in a ten parish area. And he found a beauty.

In short: a 1965 289 V8 2+2 Fastback. Rather rare, this one has factory power brakes, automatic, the legendary 289 V8, and was built as a factory 4 barrel carberator model. Even has the original Ford steel Rallye rims. Very rare, very desirable. And very restored to 99% original. Except for the headers and the multi-plane intake. And it's a 2+2. Means? It's got this cool jointed metal back that folds the back seat down over itself and into a huge storage area under that square Fastback rear window, making it a two-seater with a huge cargo area. Reverse for the four-seater model.


Selling price? A cool $15K. Why? Because there's a Ford-backed company in Texas who is buying up old Fastbacks as quick as they can, to convert into FT-350Rs (the R is for Replica) and the later models into Eleanor replicas. See "Gone In 60 Seconds" for the update there. So, there is an astounding and ongoing shortage of Fastback Mustangs. Get yours now, the predators are buying them by the truckfulls, and I don't need to tell you that there will be no more made. I hate those guys for what they're doing, but business is business, right?

So anyway--turbo mufflers, big V8, huge carb, she sounds beautiful. With a deep blue exterior and a Ford "Parchment White" interior it's utterly delicious. And it's almost his. Seems he figures now that it's easier to simply spend the money on a fully restored model and have it than to spend the years and years and the money on restoring one himself.

Seems strange to me, but I've always liked doing things the hard way, I guess.

And I hereby promise that I'll blog more, and visit my friends more, and email them more, as soon as Fiona gets onto solid food good. Promise. And my brother promises to work on restoring MY '65 V-8 coupe.

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The Old Grey Mare said...

I hear ya talking..... Your brother has a sweet deal there almost his in his back yard - secure shop!!!! I will have to trot right over the fence post & see it some time.... after all I am a '52 model myself..........