Oct 4, 2005

Playing With Fire, Redux

So what is it with us bloggers, anyway? We're a nation of bloggers, writing about everything from politics to religion to our jobs to our families to our sexual activities or lack thereof. And most of us carry on like we think this little collection of phosphor dots is private, when in fact it's entirely the opposite.

What makes us do what we do?

I know, it's a rhetorical question. I ought to ask an easy one, like "What's the average size of men's left feet in Bismark, North Dakota." At least that one could be quantified, eventually.

*flash to Monty Python sketch*
(John Cleese talking on telephone) "Yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... hold on" (taking shoe off and peering inside) "9 1/2."

There's as many answers to the question "What makes us do what we do?" as there are bloggers, and more every day, because this phenomenon is growing like wildfire. CNN, NPR, all the large news reporting organisations speak with their reporters, their correspondants, their sources, and bloggers. Bloggers get media time like nobody's business, taking their 15 minutes of fame plus some. The voice of the people suddenly has an outlet.

The thing being, lots of us use this outlet to be an outlet. We gripe, we holler, we piss and moan. And we bash our coworkers, our spouses, our bosses, the bus driver, whoever happens to get in our way, with the bravery of being out of range.

Or so we think.

I only read/check on about six or seven blogs a day. A record for the most part, I hear. But six or seven is what I've found that interests me, well-written blogs, blogs of interest, what have you. And of that very small group, one of them was outed yesterday. She, like me and many others, was fond of blowing off steam about her jog, hers oriented around her mainly male-dominated workplace and the crass, crude behaviour her male coworkers exhibited toward her. And it didn't stop there, but you get the picture. Well, somehow, someone she worked with found her blog, and recognise their job/themselves/what have you in her words, and the jig, as they say, was up.

Needless to say the blog is now gone, and the writer has gone to ground. Thankfully she's not given up, but has taken a good lesson from what had to be an utterly mortifying event and carried on the good fight.

I hope I have the strength of character to do the same when Adrenaline Junkie and Vulgar Wizard turn me over to the likes of RMB and Lazy Susan. *lol*


Anonymous said...

I think I'm one of the few out there that expects my blog to be read by anyone. Not that I *want* everyone to read it, but I certainly don't put anything on there that could get me fired or the like.

Vulgar Wizard said...

The good thing about this blog is that Lazy Susan and RMB would never be able to find you, so it would do me no good to bust you.

I won't fire you. AJ won't fire you. Unless you strike the poor women. Not before high-fiving you though.


I,the OLD GREY MARE would certsinly
NOT! fire you. Neigh! Who would bring me my Oats? A girl would starve. LOL