Nov 16, 2005

And There Will Come Soft Rains

Seems like someone forgot to add in the "soft" bit yesterday.

Yay, another weather-related post! *lol*

See, a cold front came in last night. This is nice, seeing as it's already mid-November and the temps have been up around 80. Right now it's a nice toasty 45 or so, which is just all right by me, but the cold came in last night preceeded by a SHITELOAD of rain.

The problem, naturally, is that we've been so bone dry for so long that when the water comes in torrential, er, torrents like it did yesterday evening and last night, it sort of sits up on top of the dry ground and wonders where to go. Then it turns everything into an instant quagmire in it's race to not soak in.

Ah me. It never rains but it pours, right?

So naturally last night was weerelephant's Junior Beta Club induction ceremony, which involved, yin-yang style, a huge river of water blocking the way into the building for the ceremony and dinner, and then to balance all that water off the menu ran like an Australian Real Estate listing:

  • Wilted House Salad, with a half teaspoon of Honey Mustard dressing
  • Lawrence of Arabia Chicken Breasts coated in Extremely Dry Bread Crumbs and Dessicated Pecan Chips

    served with the chef's special

  • Ver' Dry Rolls
  • Barely Dampened String Beans
  • New Potatoes (lovingly cooked until leathery)

    and choice of desert which had been sitting on the table for two hours, throughout the ceremony:

  • Very Cold Apple Cobbler or
  • Decadently Dry Chocolate Cake

whose only edibility lay in dipping it in your water glass, sponge-like. I know, I tried.

I could have taken the $15 per guest I spent on the dinner and oh, I don't know, gone to Logan's Steakhouse or maybe the country Italian place, or heck, I could have even fought my way into Outback and paid for a drink.

Ah me, I like to gripe. The ceremony was nice, the Junior Beta Club President's speech was short and succinct (and lisped a bit) and it was all over pretty quick, which is always to my liking. And my daughter is growing up so fast I think that all she does in her spare time is grow, just to spite me.

And the two umbrellas that I so carefully stole years ago from Orrifice Depot were still there when we left.


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Vulgar Wizard said...

Yay, weather!

And, yay, weerelephant!