Nov 14, 2005

Cenazoic Era

It's not so much a time as a state of mind. Or maybe the new Oakley design watch.

I don't know how many of you have been reading for a while, but I hope that at least a few of you will remember the Russian language post I did a while back. I was talking about the correct pronunciation of a few Russian honorifics, specifically 'tovarisch' and 'gospodin.'

Well, a very dear cousin of mine who apparently reads rather slowly posted this as a comment on that post of mine, and I'm reproducing it here in case you didn't go back to read the post, or remember it because you're a die-hard and devoted reader.

A Pedantic Interlude after an Interminable Absence.

Gospozha (госпожа) is similiar to Mrs.

btw: gospodin = господин
See that backwards N looking character, the second from last? It's a vowel with the equivalence of a long E sound in English. So your pronounciation should actually be 'gospoDEEN' rather than 'gosPOEdin'.

Gospoda (господа) is literally 'gentlemen' but used colloquially as 'friends'. (just as a point of possible etymological interest.)

You know I know Russian, right? :)


Well then! Never let it be said I have never been pedantic, nor that I dislike the occasional pedantic wandering. Now I know that I have, in fact, been pronouncing it wrong all this time! So now I can stop being foolish in the confines of my own mind. At least on that one point. Foolishness is the one major export of the soverign country of Irrelephant.

And no, I didn't know that you spoke Russian, Cenozoic! Very cool, that. It seems to be that I recall it being mentioned several times as being one of the more difficult languages to master, so I applaud you for learning. And for correcting my faulty pronounciation, as well as adding a few more words to my already wobbly vocabulary.

I also like that the Cyrillic characters came thru's a very interesting looking language. I've always gotten a kick out of Cyrillic, because it's allllmost recognisable, to a point, and then there's all these strange other characters that throw the connection off. Sweet!

I was going to discuss the accusation that I was racist today, thrown at me by a miffed applicant for RMB's job, but I'm not even going to start. Vulgar Wizard did a nice job of summing it up, as well as all our feelings toward the applicant and her careless use of "The Black Card."

Pots and kettles, lady. Before you attend to the splinter in my eye perhaps you'd better look at that board in your own. And while you're at it you ought to take that 2x6 off your shoulder. A chip is hard enough to carry, and your tantrum today just made the case worse against your fight against prejudice.

Roight. Be sure and tune in tomorrow for

Talkies Tuesday!!

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Cenazoic said...

Heh...I'm such a slow reader, I just now read this post! :)

Just fyi, I was trained as a Russian linguist in the Air Force.

Russian's not THAT difficult. DLI (Defense Language Institute), which trains all military linguists, has a 'category' scale for language difficulty, cats 1-5. English and Japanese are the only two cat 5s; Russian rates a 3. (Chinese and Arabic are cat 4.)

Speaking of Chinese, here's a site you might like:'s the blog of an Asian guy who posts pics of ads and (MANY) tattoos that incorporate Chinese/Japanese characters, and how they're invariably used incorrectly. It's kinda amusing.

Hope y'all have a good holiday! In NJ through mid-January.